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12 July 2012

Higgs Boson and the new novelty wave in Sub Atomic Particle finds

This chart is for Geneva Switzerland the morning of the disclosure regards the find of the Higgs Boson particle,..
As expected, it comes along with doubts as to the reality of the find, is it the Higgs Boson or a similar behaving peer or sibling,.. As per finding planets in the Kuiper belt range,. Pluto and beyond govern sub atomics, infinitely small and or far, 'quantum' in nature,..

Uranus the telescope or particle collider in this instance, the electron microscope used to delve into natures secrets, Neptune the cosmic depths that we plumb,.. So as such, this progressed chart shows the arrival of Mars into Libra and further,.. This then shows how the new particle is indeed here, or found, yet Uranus and Pluto, the two angular planets that are all the buzz since Xmas 2007,.. They are also in the room as such, so these are showing that there is literally a whole range of sub atomic particles out there for us to now find over the next few years, decades,.. (progress mars there to direct opposition and square, see below).. Pluto quanta and his cabal were always going to be hard find, chameleon like as they are,.. Progressed Moon 10 degrees back and we could say the CERN teams have been seeing the particles for 10 months already,.. This is the announcement chart!..

But yes, the new scientific novelty wave is here then surely, as the last augured by the splitting of the atom,. Obviously this start is found in the habit shadow of the last wave, the recent nuclear accidents in Japan being that,.

Looking further at the progressed charts we find 2025 2026 are the years that this Mars squares Pluto and opposes Uranus,. So too does the Moon come in to fulfill the whole grand square in Cancer!!! Just before a new Moon incidentally, a dark time before a new cycle,..
In 2012 time, this was literally dubbed by myself as 'the worst week of the year' and to many it was indeed,.. What with ABSA shares plunging the most in a decade, Barclays Bank being found guilty for adjusting LIBOR rates, include the carnage seen on KZN roads that had everybody asking what was up in the skies to present so many car carnage scenes in close succession,.. So there was definitely action over those days 17th and 18th July 2012 which are 2025 and 2026 in progressed time from this Sub Atomic announcement,... African Taxis can literally be seen here as Plutonic free radical particles bouncing all over the place, shrapnel tearing more than one at a time as they collide,..

If anything, Pluto Capricorn minced with Uranus in Aries, big banks and war corporations, a big blow out mixing financial depression and world wars for 2025/26 side of the world,.. Hot particles!!


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